Ristorante Duilio

Seppioline alla pescatora

Caorle fishing industry is among the most important. This means fresh fish that is a great advantage for the local cuisine. The "Buon Ricordo" dish of this restaurant is one of the most characteristic recipes of the Venetian cuisine: "brodetto di seppioline" – cuttlefish soup. This dish once prepared with tomato paste and red vinegar nowadays takes advantage of fresh ‘cherry’ tomatoes and white wine. This means an excellent dish ranking top-level cuisine.
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The Restaurant

Ristorante Duilio
of Bortolussi Family

Ristorante Duilio
Caorle is a well-known seaside resort on the Venetian coast. The historical town symbols are its canals, its distinguishing squares, and a tall cylindrical bell tower that stands out from the roofs of the neighbouring ancient buildings. The Bortolussi family have been successfully running the business for 50 years; that’s why they are the cream of the hotelier tradition in town. The same pride...

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Buon ricordo Plate
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Caorle (Venezia)
Via Strada Nuova 19
CAP 30021
Tel. 0421.81087
Fax 0421.210089

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Closed Mon. Holidays Jan. 7 to 31.

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