Selvazzano Dentro (Padova)

Ristorante La Montecchia

of Erminio Alajmo
 Ristorante La Montecchia

La Montecchia di Selvazzano is one of the most picturesque villas in the Colli Euganei. The restaurant located in an historical farmhouse is run by Erminio Alajmo, father of highly reputed chefs. Massimiliano, his son, in charge of the back-of-the-house is a light creative meal-oriented chef though still sticking to the Veneta cuisine. As far as the wine is concerned, there are 400 different wines in the list, half of them to be tasted in goblet. Food and wine are on the same level.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Coscia d’oca croccante con crema di patate, caponatina e salsa ai pepi

Alajmo's principle is to start from solid basis that is local products and tradition vital to strengthen the chef cooking creativity. This recipe enhances the flavour of the basic ingredient: the goose. This fowl has always been a typical feature of the Padua cuisine since the Carraresi times. By this recipe the goose meat is peculiarly cooked and served with spicy sauce and a side dish. Enjoy it with a good Cabernet from Colli Euganei.

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