Venegazzù (Treviso)

Trattoria Da Celeste

of Celeste and Giuliano Tonon
Trattoria Da Celeste

Venegazzù is a village on the lush greenery Montello ridge in the famous district of Marca Trevigiana. This restaurant located in an ancient rural building provided with open fire places and roasting-jacks has been turned by Tonon brothers - thanks to their 30 years’ experience - into a temple of the Treviso cuisine. They schedule special themed dinners to taste different local specialities - from mushrooms to red radicchio. The new Casa Gobbato business - a pavilion in the middle of a wood – is suitable for feasts and events and is run and catered by the Tonon brothers.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Cappelletti del conte Loredan

"Cappelletti" is a truly aristocratic dish. ‘Cappelletti’ wants first-rate ingredients to make homemade egg pasta, and the stuffing based on locally grown potatoes and famous Montello mushrooms. Cappelletti is served with ragù made from pigeon and local mushrooms known as ‘barboni’ (Albatrellus pes-caprae according to experts, also known as ‘piede di capra’ or ‘lingua di brughiera’ after their shape) and reputed far better than "porcini" by gourmets.

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Cappelletti del conte Loredan
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Venegazzù (Treviso)
Via Diaz, 12
CAP 31040
Tel. 0423.620445
Fax 0423.621050

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Closed Mon. dinner and Tue.,
2 weeks in Jan. and 3 weeks in Aug.

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