Mestre (Venezia)

Trattoria Dall’Amelia

of Diego Boscarato
Trattoria Dall’Amelia

This restaurant close to Venice was a rural “trattoria” with stables until the 1960s. Then, Dino Boscarato turned it into one of the most discriminating restaurants in the region thanks to both a menu with a wide assortment of fi sh and events combining food-and-wine with culture, just a pretext to taste a perfectly cooked meal. In spite of the fact that the restaurant is now run by his descendants, the spirit is still the same: the blissful feeling that time has stood still.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Baccalà alla cappuccina

People reluctant to taste dried cod will definitely change their minds. This is a classic dish of the Venetian cuisine. This recipe hangs a romanticized tale that starts off with a shipwreck. Next, from hand to hand the recipe was held by monasteries and eventually prepared in some "osterie" – rural inns. The recipe wants assiduous careful cooking and special ingredients among which raisins and cinnamon to make it mantecata – creamy. This tasty meal is paired with "polenta", and a glass of white wine from Lison or Colli Orientali vineyards.

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