Noventa di Piave (Venezia)

Trattoria Guaiane

of Lucio Marangoni
Trattoria Guaiane

Noventa di Piave lies in a beguiling as well as strategic district that borders the Venetian beaches and the Marca Trevigiana where farming products are well blended in with fi sh. A hundred years ago, the restaurant used to be a deli shop; then, it was turned into an “osteria” - tarvern, and eventually into a “trattoria”. In spite of its inn sign, it is a top-level restaurant thanks to the wide range of dishes from fi sh to mushrooms, to asparagus, to radicchio rosso, to artichokes, and to many other renowned products of the Piave farming district.

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Sfogliatina di grano duro allo Scorfano

The main ingredient of this recipe is the scorpion fish. This plump fish is meaty, and the best to prepare fish soups and fish sauces. This dish is a combination of varied food: a creamy basil bed topped with a thin layer of puff-pastry dressed with some scorpion fish sauce; then a second layer of pastry and fish sauce is added, and on top a basil leaf. To enhance such rich food a local intense white wine like Lison Classico.

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Noventa di Piave (Venezia)
Via Guaiane, 146
CAP 30020
Tel. 0421.65002 - 0421.65122
Fax 0421.658818

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Closed Mon., Tue. dinner.
Holidays Dec. 27 to Jan. 12 and Aug. 10 to 25.

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