Ristorante dal Notaro

of Mario Notaroberto
Ristorante dal Notaro

Mario Notaroberto is an enthusiastic chef from Salerno, extraordinarily talented for wine. That’s why his restaurant has 3 lounges: two of them for traditional and creative dishes respectively, and one for a wine bar, where tasting sessions and themed events take place. It is clearly understood that the environment is strictly Italian. The restaurant is located in an 18th century building acknowledged World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Filetto di spigola al lardo di colonnata

At Notaro’s meals are strictly prepared with Italian ingredients. The lardo di Colonnata, produced in Tuscany, is a unique cold cut as it is long matured with herbs in Carrara marble vats. This recipe wants the fish fillet to be wrapped up with finely sliced lardo a really appetizing combination. As to side dish, some salted ricotta from Abruzzo, rocket from the Sele Valley, and extra virgin olive oil from Cilento.

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Filetto di spigola al lardo di colonnata
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149, Rue de la Tour Jacob-L 1831
Tel 00352.423070
Fax 00352.420353

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Opening and closing time

Holidays Dec. 22 to Jan. 4.

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