Ristorante Le Querce

Ravioli di pesce persico in pasta di pane al burro e salvia

Bass is the star. In fact, it is one of the most prominent fish in the Lombard lakes. The genuine bass is green with dark stripes and reddish fins. Despite its medium size, it is a predator. This makes it a highly inviting food far more delicious than trout according to many. Bass is sophisticatedly used to stuff atypical ravioli made of breadcrumbs and served with herbs and melted butter.

The Restaurant

Ristorante Le Querce
of Maurizio Luraschi

Ristorante Le Querce
Mirabello is a place that speaks for itself. The Brianza still preserves some eye-catching landscapes that seem to belong to the past and that deserve to be seen. For example, last year the Galliano Basilica in Cantù was 1,000 years old. Needless to say that paying a visit to its beautiful frescoes is exciting. To grant you an additional thrill, we suggest you should pay a visit to this restaurant...

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Cantù - Mirabello (Como)
località Cascina Camuzzi
Via Marche, 27
CAP 22063
Tel. 031.731336 - 031.730106
Fax 031.735038

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Closed Mon. and Thue,
variable holidays in Aug. e Jan.

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