Ristorante Da Delfina

Coniglio con olive e pinoli

In the old days meat was cooked only on Sundays, and rabbit was the usual countrymen’s meal. To give a zest of lavishness, most housewives added unpretentious ingredients easily available: pickled olives and pine nuts from Versilia. It is a simple recipe relying on natural ingredients that acquires special flavour thanks to cooking care and plain secrets. To top it all, the famous Carmignano red wine produced in the district. Guests are really spoilt!
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The Restaurant

Ristorante Da Delfina
of Carlo Cioni

Ristorante Da Delfina
Villa Medicea in Artimino is a location worth a visit and is appropriate for shooting a cult-movie. The story of this restaurant began with Granny Delfina once maid then successful restaurateur. It could be the script of a movie! In the 50s, it used to be a trattoria for hunters. Later on, when tourists started to patronize, it became popular. Nowadays, Carlo, Delfina’s son, run the business...

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Via del Moro, 18,20,22 R
CAP 50123
Tel. 055.284897
Fax 055.210004

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Closed on Sundays at dinnertime, on Mondays,
and August.

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