Ristorante Vespasia di Palazzo Seneca

Vellutata di roveja di Castelluccio con gnocchetti di ricotta soffice del pastore

This dish conjures up most of the Apennine flavours. In fact, the roveja or Pisum Sativum is a leguminous plant farmed at an altitude of 1450 in the heart of the Piano Grande di Castelluccio. The roveja is used along with lovage and garden herbs to prepare an aromatic soup served with savoury gnocchetti – small gnocchi made with goat ricotta, and a sort of crouton filled with roveja beans sprinkled with extra-virgin olive-oil from Umbria. The chef recommends a robust Rosso del Trasimeno wine.

The Restaurant

Ristorante Vespasia di Palazzo Seneca
of Vincenzo and Federico Bianconi

Ristorante Vespasia di Palazzo Seneca
Palazzo Seneca has been an avantgarde project thanks to the Bianconis, restaurateurs since 1850 in Norcia. The Monti Sibillini in the background frame this 16th century palace restored to its original sumptuousness. The restaurant Vespasia is the ideal setting to taste excellent Umbria products: salami and cold cuts typical of Norcia, pecorino cheese, soups and homemade pasta, meats – lamb and...

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Norcia (Perugia)
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Closed Jan. from 11 to 28.

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