The treasures of Umbria

Prosciutto di Norcia

Pork products and cured meats are an ancient tradition in Norcia. And even a slightly mysterious one. Once upon a time it was believed that the secret of fermentation, an essential step in preparing salami, belonged to the witches of the Sibillini Mountains. Prosciutto di Norcia IGP, Norcia cured hams, with their characteristic pear shape, are on the large side (at least 8.5 kg, the size prevents excessive saltiness) and are the peak of local gastronomic achievement. The ham is pinky-red with a slightly spicy aroma, a savoury taste in no way salty, exalting the ham’s unique qualities. It is handmade, slightly more fibrous than the classic prosciutto, which has to be encased in a layer of fat to maintain the meat’s correct moisture. Apart from its Highness the Ham, Norcia makes a large number of other pork products, some of them similar to the ham, but made from other parts of the animal, such as capocollo, spalletta and lonza, as well as the bacon-like pancetta and guanciale and the various types of salamis, such as ciauscolo, corallina and coppa, and local pork and boar sausages.