Trattoria Campagna

Tagliatelle con ragù alla bolognese

The menu includes specialties from all over Italy, but the Romagna cuisine is favoured, and “piadina” is a clear-cut example. The Buon Ricordo dish - the magical moment to remember - is homemade tagliatelle with ragù – meat sauce strictly prepared according to the authentic recipe. The wine list offers excellent wine, and a full-bodied Sangiovese is the appropriate one for this dish.
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Trattoria Campagna
of Morita Yoshinori

Trattoria Campagna
Hachoji is one of Tokyo’s metropolitan areas with Takao Mount in the background one of the most popular leisure destinations of local people. Near the train station, there is this attracting restaurant located in a building that looks like a “trattoria” in the countryside. Morita, the chef, was trained in Italy, near Pesaro… and it can definitely be sensed!

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Buon ricordo Plate
Where we are

1-5 Misaki-cho Hachioji-shi
Tokyo 192-0084
Tel e Fax 0081.42.6271201

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Closed on Mondays.

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