About us

Pathfinders in locally-sourced ingredients

 Nowadays “local” food is neither neglected nor a secret. To the contrary, its praises are sung by historians, dieticians, nutritionists and, above all, consumers. But this does not mean that the Buon Ricordo restaurants have outlived their mission. Food and wine are constantly evolving. Science, technology, the characteristics and availability of ingredients dictate dynamics in cooking that constantly have to be balanced by today’s need for a healthy diet. Italian specialities and produce, once little-known, are now so popular and sought-after worldwide that imitations and fakes represent a continuous threat.

Our association is working even harder to ensure that changes and creativity develop correctly and coherently in harmony with the history and traditions of our country and to defend and publicise quality and rigour in Italian cuisine, both in Italy itself and abroad.
Our restaurants were all pathfinders in the drive to use locally-sourced ingredients, and as consummate professionals with an excellent knowledge of culinary culture, they are worthy ambassadors of its values.