About us


Buon Ricordo restaurants are frequently found in what are sometimes mistakenly called “minor” towns (in reality all part of the rich tapestry of the unique Italian artistic and historical heritage which makes the country so attractive to visitors) or in holiday resorts, and are often attached to hotels: family businesses running the restaurant either within the hotel itself or next door.

And this is another aspect of that genuine, deep-rooted talent for hospitality so many of our associates offer; with the hotels ranging from historic posting houses where travellers stopped to change their horses, take refreshment or put up for the night, to the first hotels in the blossoming holiday resorts of the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Buon Ricordo is, and intends to remain, purely an association for restaurants, and the fact that a restaurant may be attached to a hotel gives those applying for membership no particular advantage. However, by extension, Buon Ricordo also represents a good range of quality hotels, under the same ownership as the restaurants and therefore safely managed with the same solid professional commitment to stylish hospitality.